​ This web page is dedicated to Planet Studio Pins, that were made between 1987 to 1996.


  Planet Studio's was created in 1987 and was sold in 2007.  Between 1987 to 1996 it created , what in my opinion, are some of the best pin's ever made.  The company was created by Elizabeth Barry, aka Libbey Saul.  She and


​  They started doing just small well designed hard enamel cloisonne pins, but also tried branching out towards other things like ear-rings, key rings, money clips and rings .  You can tell if it is a Planet Studio mainly by its size, back pattern, subject matter and date.  Most pins were of the super-heroes in dynamic poses, the early one normally featured the hero slightly off-center within a box or a circle background.  Later pins featured more cropped figures with no background. 


I've found that the pins were produced mostly in two different ways, in the classic cloisonne hard enamel method but also a soft enamel type pin, which is brass embossed stamped pin, which was then painted with one coat of enamel.  These soft enamel, painted pins are lower quality to and can be easily told apart by the lack of detail and the brass halo effect along the edge.  There are examples where the same subject has a pin in both classic cloisonne and painted. I'm unsure why they did this. Were they sold at two different prices?  The best description of the types to pin and the process of making them is from another pin / badge maker, Made By Cooper.  They also tried to diversify into small jewellery like ear-rings, key rings, money holders and even small pencil grips. 

  Not all of their product was clearly marked with their copyright and it never has of who the character is.  This has led to some confusion over time, as some of the characters who featured,  only appeared in a few issues and I have seen many mislabeled when sold.  I have noted the stamped copyright date on the back to all the pin scans I have made, but on some pins the date is so small I can barely read it.  So if you find a mistake about the pin date or anything else, please let me know so I can change it.


  I have to mention the cover pins.  I will only be listing a few  them on this site.  They were a brass  blanks, with a safety pin back, about 3.5cm x 5cm, with a glued on paper reproduction of a recent cover.  They were made around 1991-1993 and were "limited editions" of 2500.  They don't last well.  Over time the colour fads and if left out on display becomes sun bleached.  They were mostly of 1st issues that had just come out like Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and the multiple X-Men issue #1 A to E covers.


Planet Studios

The types of pins they made - Hard enamel, soft enamel, plastic on brass.

I really recommend you try looking at this on a PC or Apple computer -  If you  are using a mobile, a lot of information is missing or looks untidy because I have not had time yet to clean it all up. 


Also I find it really interesting to see what the original image that was used before Planet swiped it...  If you can add any to the list, please let me know.

This is an example of the cloisonne type pin, also called hard enamelled.​  Notice the finer detailing, in the lips and eyes. Also the better colour it has.

This is an example of the soft enamelled pin.  A brass stamp is cut out and stamped, leaving a slightly raised edge between the different areas, the inner area was then painted. Also notice the thicker out edge.

This is a third  example of the same image being used but the quality going down hill.   Again a soft enamelled pin, but loses even more detail.  This pin appeared in in the X-Men Collector's Pin Set #2.

This is a fourth variant of the same image that has been pointed out to me and the image supplied by Robert Jones.  I have seen this pin sold on eBay but always assumed it was a cheap plastic pin.  I think it is a plastic image bonded onto a brass backing.

Variations - Different bases

Planet Studio on a few occasions used both a copper or zinc base on their pins which slightly changes the colouring to the main pin


Zinc or silver based pin.


Copper or brass based pin.